Process – Green tea is the least oxidized of all teas. Typically, after the leaves are harvested they go through a brief withering process, which removes some of the moisture from the leaves. They are then put through the process of fixation. This involves either a quick steaming or pan frying, which deactivates the enzymes that cause oxidation, preserving the green color of the leaf. The leaves are then rolled, shaped and dried.

Flavor Profile – These teas can be very savory with pronounced oceanic notes, as well as flavors of cooked greens, butter, and cut grass. Depending on the style of the green tea they can also have a slightly roasted note with some nutty flavors developing in the finish.

Regions – The best green teas come from China and Japan. Korea and Vietnam are also producers.

  • Green Teas to look for:
    • Dragonwell, Long Jing (China)
    • Clouds and Mist, Yun Wu (China)
    • Sencha (Japan)
    • Genmaicha (Japan)
    • Gyokuro (Japan)