quality assurance


At Royal Tea New York, we take great pride in the quality of the tea we buy and sell. We sample all of our teas to make sure that every lot of tea we carry is of the highest quality.

On any given day, we might be cupping through multiple samples from several different countries, looking to source exceptional teas from all corners of the globe. We welcome your visit whenever you might be in the New York area so that you can join us at the cupping table.

Every tea sample goes through the Royal New York QA process which includes:

Leaf Evaluation - We inspect all drytea samples by leaf 
appearance, color, uniformity and aroma, to make sure each lot is up to our standards of grade quality. https://tarikhema.org

Cupping and Grading Evaluation - The sales team at Royal cups the teas and grades them for Body, Brew Color, Aroma, Character, Flavor and Aftertaste profiles. Our grading results are stored in a database so we can then share our cupping notes with you.


Samples can be provided on request for your evaluation.  Origin and farm information cards, and other marketing materials can be made available to help educate your customers.