By Royal Tea New York on 10/17/2016 10:09 AM

We invite you to review our latest tea selection, which includes new pure teas, blended teas, and iced tea blends.


By Royal Tea New York on 8/2/2016 7:59 AM

We have selected three great teas to share with you this week!

By Royal Tea New York on 6/10/2016 5:15 AM

Dear Reader,

We thank you for joining us on our newly established tea blog and website.  The intention of this blog will be to highlight some of the teas we are bringing in or are currently in love with, along with discussing other aspects of tea culture and current issues effecting the tea industry.  

The goal in founding Royal Tea New York is to raise the bar for tea that is available to the domestic wholesale market.  We feel that much of the tea industry is under-served in the quality of offerings available in the current market.  Drawing from over 16 years of experience in the tea industry, we have sourced teas that speak to a modern palate, focusing on the latest trends while respecting the rich traditions, culture and history that tea has to offer.  

The compressed cakes pictured above are Puer, from the Bu Lang Shan region of Menghai County in Yunnan, China.  They are one of the three Puer cakes we have pressed this year, the other two being from Ai Lao Shan and Nan Nuo Shan.  Although not a tea for everyone, Puer has a devoted following among the younger generation of tea connoisseurs and is really a joy to drink.