Royal Tea was created in 2016 with the intention of using the knowledge and passion we have been bringing to coffee for the last 20 years.  As with coffee, our commitment to tea quality starts with the farmers and gardens, working through the supply chain to our warehouse and finishing with our exceptional films customer service and support for existing and potential clientele.  We are excited to have the opportunity to make an extensive, quality tea inventory more readily available to tea purveyors throughout North America. Our sales office can offer quality assurance/control, marketing, and sales support that our customers know and have come to depend upon.

Looking over our tea offering; you will find both Spot and Forward Shipment teas listed, along with special designations such as Organic, Fair Trade Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified. After reviewing, please give one of our salespeople a call at 855-RNY-TEAS (769-8327) for their advice, opinions, and straightforward answers to all your tea questions.